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Richard L
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  • 公館站步行八分鐘,臺一冰店旁巷子走到底。
Richard L
  • 台北市信義區忠孝東路四段553巷6弄15號
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Richard L 故事緣起
9/16 取得書籍、討論希望的讀書會形式及進度 已取得書的朋友可先看!不用等大家~
  • Outline
The Hero's Journey
Ernest C 前言 The Hero's Journey
  • big company managers versus entrepreneurs, founders versus professional managers, engineering versus marketing, marketing versus sales, missed schedule issues, sales missing the plan, running out of money, raising new money.
  • startups that survive the first few tough years do not follow the traditional product-centric launch model espoused by product managers or the venture capital community. Through trial and error, hiring and firing, successful startups all invent a parallel process to Product Development. In particular, the winners invent and live by a process of customer learning and discovery. I call this process "Customer Development," a sibling to "Product Development," and each and every startup that succeeds recapitulates it, knowingly or not.
  • The difference between the winners and losers is simple. Products developed with senior management out in front of customers early and often - win. Products handed off to a sales and marketing organization that has only been tangentially involved in the new Product Development process lose. It's that simple.
  • Who is this book for: I thought its audience would be small and its applicability would be narrow. I first believed that my readers would be startup entrepreneurs.
Chapter 1:
  • Webvan stood out as one of the most electrifying new startups, with an idea that would potentially touch every household. 
  • What's more, most of their initial customers actually liked their service. Barely 24 months after the initial public offering, Webvan was bankrupt and out ofbusiness. What happened?
  • Its failure to ask "Where Are the Customers?" illuminates how a tried-and-true model can lead even the best-funded, best-managed startup to disaster.
  • "The Product Development Diagram"
  • Concept/Seed --> Product Development --> Alpha/Beta Test --> Launch/1st Ship.
  • Concept/Seed
  • Product Development
  • prepare a Marketing Requirements Document (MRD) for Engineering.
  • Alpha/Beta Test
  • Product Launch and First Customer Ship
  • What's Wrong with This Picture
  • The first hint lies in its name; this is a Product Development model. Not a marketing model, not a sales hiring model, not a customer acquisition model, not even a financing model. Yet startup companies have traditionally used a Product Development model to manage and pace all these non-engineering activities. 
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  • 遊戲幣不能換回現金才不會被當成賭場(這應該是指台灣?)
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Tri-win Cooperation Model
1436 days ago
  • ...
Ernest C
  • 講題改成「新創公司是否需要申請專利」副標「又或如何評估何時需要申請專利」
  • 新創公司,很忙?
  • 組成元素拆解。
Richard L 聽眾筆記區
  • 申請人可以法人也可以是自然人(公司也可以)
  • 發明人可能是員工(工程師, 技術長..)
  • 優惠期:
  • 半年內附上文件
  • 商業上算不算?(照理說不算)
  • 優先權:(行之有年)
  • 比較麻煩的是歐盟(德文 法文版.... )
Richard L
  • 專利申請書產生器的專利XD,有人知道專利字號嗎?
Dunhill C
  • 公告號 I403913
  • 專利名稱 專利說明書產生方法及其系統
  • 撰寫專利時盡量用名詞,數量上面也要謹慎
Richard L
  • 專利範圍太限縮就容易被避過
小蟹 & 新創公司是否「需要」申請專利
  • 參考方向:資源、產業、策略
用律師的價位 呵呵
Richard L 產品週期會影響專利策略。
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Richard L
  • [基礎知識] 創業金融字典:天使、創投、私募、避險、共同基金
  • 天使湾创投的《投资条款表Term Sheet》
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